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In one word “AWESOME”!! I have been attending Insight Krav Maga for the las few months and it has been such a positive experience. Coach Frank is great, very knowledgeable and respectful. Classes are hard, but you learn a lot. If you looking to really learn and push yourself to the limit, then this is your place!!!”
– Wilson Vidal

Insight krav maga logo “I have learned a lot since taking coach Frank’s class over the past few months, and have felt my self-confidence increase tremendously. He teaches you with realistic scenarios so that you can know how to defend yourself in the real world. He takes his time and actually teaches you without becoming frustrated if you mess up during drills. He pushes you and makes you want to do better…even when you are tired and frustrated! I would definitely recommend to all women, and even men too, for this form of self-defense.”
– Kristen Gillespie

Insight krav maga logo “Insight Krav Maga isn’t just a great workout, it’s a place where I’ve found a whole new family full of people who really care about me and my success. I found coach Frank at a women’s self defense class years ago and when I wanted to get back into Krav, I searched everywhere for his classes in particular. He really shows you real life scenarios that make you stronger and build your self confidence. And, even for someone who has never made it a point to workout, these classes have made it easy for me to participate, be challenged but remember that we’re only in competition against ourselves which helps a lot. I’ve dealt with a lot and experience PTSD during some of the exercises and I honestly feel safe here. Everyone is always willing to help, willing to understand and willing you cheer you on. It’s amazing to be around such great people and to know that we’re all very different but have so much respect and love for one another. I never want to leave. I highly recommend you join us :)”
– Alyssa Runner

Insight krav maga logo “Taking classes with Coach Frank at InsightKravMaga has been one of the best decisions iv every made for my life. Now his classes are difficult, they do push you, you learn not to give up but you definitely leave feeling stronger each and every class. It’s a very straightforward class, no bs. I really love how you can apply his teachings to real life situations. I’m a 150lbs female who works in an industry where I travel alone for work often and relying on others isn’t always an option. This class has taught me so many self defense techniques (that are extremely practical, not like those fake videos you see on social media) and allowed me to practice to be more confident in myself and with my strength. HIGHLY recommended.”
– Nora Rivera

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