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Franklin Miranda has studied under several Krav Maga and so-called ” Self- defense” systems. His philosophy is based on always being a student! Because of this, he still currently trains Western boxing, Muay Thai and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu several times a week along with his Krav Maga training.

He also holds several Personal training certifications under NASM and ACSM. What he found “missing” is that many of these systems focused exclusively on technique and not enough on ” The fight”. All that changed when he discovered ICCS Krav Maga led by head Instructor Sharir Richman.

ICCS Krav Maga

Sharir is a seasoned Israeli Krav Maga Instructor certified by the Israeli Army and The Israeli Wingate Institute. He lives and breathes Krav Maga daily. He has experience teaching in the Israeli army, as well as teaching for Israeli private security companies, and civilian, military, and corporate personnel worldwide.

ICCS Krav Maga is different than anything you’ve seen or trained in before. The ICCS approach is different by ensuring that what you train and learn is not just a system of choreographed techniques to make you feel good. It’s a system that we truly pressure test with protection so we can safely go at high speed and full contact when tested.

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